Monday, July 17, 2006

A sunday in the swimming pool

Yesterday was a warm afternoon and i wanted to swim a bit at home
but i did not know the house keeper (old women) had invited some friends of her...

They were sitting behind the trees close to the swimming pool and
were half undressed taking sun bath !!!!!!!! (teets out)
I was walking to it thinking about the nice fresh water when i saw it from far... (my god!)
You know me... i am very shy !!
so i turned around and went back home...making no noise and walking on the toes ...glups. I am not sure they saw me.

It was so warm in the house that when i heard they were leaving some hours later i ran out of the house to dive into the swimming pool. What i did not know is that they were still discussing in front of the door... i then faced the group of women, fortunately they were dressed! One of them said: "look we freed the swimming pool!"
Very bashful i answeared: "oh, but there is enaugh space for everybody" as if it was not a problem... for a moment i was a bit scared that they would follow me back to the pool...
ouff ...they did not!

Sofia asked me if i had something to put on the blog about it...
hey!!! i am not making pictures of it!
I do not want to have some nightmares!

1 comment:

Sofia said...

Very nice story heheh...
At least you cannot say that you are alone in Grenoble :) Now you have old ladies following you :D