Sunday, January 31, 2010

ATI proprietary linux video drivers are buggy with coot!

ATI now belongs to AMD. Download the proprietary driver from . Recently the (open source) radeon driver shipped with Xorg has improved DRI capabilities that are sufficient for crystallographic purposes.

using Xorg ATI driver on Mandriva 2010, coot works without the error:

'The error was 'BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)'.
(Details: serial 661 error_code 1 request_code 143 minor_code 19)
(Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
To debug your program, run it with the --sync command line
option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)'

Disable 3D desktop effects is recommanded (which did not work anyway on mandriva 2010 wit ATI card), otherwise you get a blank screen and have to undo the settings via terminal. Furthermore, do not try to use the proprietary ATI 'fglrx' drivers, since they made things even worse, at least in my personal experience (with an ATI Radeon X1650).

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

seyssins s car park & Chamrousse 9-1-0 with Ana and Stu

Back from hollidays on 4th jan

the next friday moring we woke up with a thick layer of snow everywhere!

before shoveling:

getting the car out:

i had some help from Alexis to shovel

the car park

the fun in Chamrousse:

some frozen friends:

getting back home, i was amazed the hill road leading home was still covered with a few cm of snow but still i tried to get the car up.
look at the top part of the hill road!

it worked: the trick is not to be too rude with the throttle and keep speed. i could feel the car slide sideways several times, particularly when i was passing the bumpers which made the car shake. Oufti gamin!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Noel 2009 - Be- Greece

In belgium:

Sarah arrived a bit exhausted 8 h later than scheduled because she missed her plane connection in Atlanta due to delays, and had to fly to Amsterdam instead of Brussels, which revealed to be a good solution, also brussels airport closed the next day due to large amounts of snow on the tracks. Her bag did not make it at the same time, she had to wait 6 days before getting it, just on xmas day! the day before our departure to Greece...

Snow, patinoire in front of the house

Bruxelles, grand place, ice skating, le marche de noel.

where is little jesus? ah maybe not yet born ;)

resto with Estelle, Audrey and Anton in Bruxelles.

Tournai, la cathedrale, le tresor de la cathedrale, les tapisseries.

horse sausages.. heuu bof

coin coin

les ascenceurs hydrauliques de Stépy-Thieux from 19th century on the canal du centre.

Noel! the crazy gift lottery! we had to pick cards and get the smaller number... but my sister and husband did not stop getting all the little gifts! aaahhhhh Sarah finally picked the lowest card number, she got so excited that she tried to open the package fast but she did not know it was a pot of confiture and it opened and spilled on her knees... oops

Greece trip.

Sarah! a new friend? the reconstitution of an old text, the original stone is darker.

really nice weather in there!



the canal of corinth : 6.5 km long, at its top, the cliffs are 90m above sea water level. dug in the 30's

that s what you get for eating too much feta cheese... the bed bends with your butt s weight and you get a big belly

what is her preferred color?

the nightmare of street workers: the random discovery of ruins of houses everytime they dig !

Old Corinth

NB: contrary to what touristic guides say, the museum & archeological site of old corinth CLOSE at 15h00 and not 17h00!! we missed it because of that.

Video part 1/3: in Belgium + Greece (delphi & acrocorinth & old corinth & the canal)


you must see that video: the replacement of the guards of the Greek parlement.

the temple of xxx one of the 100 columns fell in the 19th century during a big storm... the arch of Adrian it has funny writings :)

the resto, not eating alone ;)

National greek archeological museum

oops she fell asleep after so much walking. And 2 h earlier she told me she was ready to walk more in the cute little streets of Athens ;)


Cap Sounion, the temple of Poseidon

here is a picture for the touristic guides: NO the temple of poseidon is no opened everyday!! notably it is closed on 1st january. thank you Michelin.

Departure of Sarah:

after a terrorist tried to explode himself over Detroit,Mi, the security was increased in airports, only 1 bag was therefore allowed in cabin. Sarah had to pay an extra of 50 euros to get the bag checked in. funny that she saw some people with 2 bags in the plane... the airline companies are inconsistant!