Sunday, February 25, 2007

25-2-07 Chamrousse 1650-2250m -max-sarah-mike-andrew-trevor and family

what could happen when you are with friends in a station that you do not know very well, with a map that is just as usefull as a box of chewing gums to orientate you in the colourfull tracks, when snow is falling and fog forbids to see further than the few 75 m sphere around you?

this is part of the answer: you do mistakes and get lost!

Sarah and I went down a little after getting out of the telesiège and though seeing a little nice blue track. Down there we realised it was a dead end because the "tire fesse" was off. Full of courrage (not feeling like walking back up by feet to the top with the 50 cm deep snow layer = the usual lazyness that caracterises me), we decided to follow fresh traces of ski going down the hill over the delimitations (off piste). i said: "that guy must have found a track".
that was going fine, sliding down for 5 min, until the moment we realised we were going down to a valley full of stones and trees without any apparent tracks to get to the lifts... OUPS! (was i thinking inside myself from deep in!)
i realised how wrong i had been.... the only option was to go backwards following our traces. The landscape was awesome and we could see the traces of an old avalanche just above us ... that motivates to climb...
30-45 min later, after climbing up very slowly the hill, completely exhausted, spiting our lungs in the snow, we reached the blue track so much wanted...
we are safe again... for the moment at least (the season is not over yet!)

the victims of the montains:

********Top secret pictures********

Saturday, February 24, 2007

La Maxipizza

"Allo, i want a Maxipizza"

ok, it is in the oven !!!

basic pizza + slices of tomato + sausages + fried onions in olive oil + pre cooked bovine meat

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Vaujany 11-feb 07 (Alpes d Huez)

with David, Estelle, Sarah (2) and Maxime

the beginning of the day was chaotic because some of us had some difficulties to find the path in the fog.... and kept falling and falling.... ;)
but the afternoon was very nice. the snow ultra powder
have a look at some nice views of the mountains...

do not search for the Yeti or "abominable maxime des neiges" anymore...

some views of the montains with actresses...