Friday, December 06, 2013

12-5-13 City Creek, Pocatello

(with Sarah in the river part)


(to the top with Sarah Sam & Paul)


From the top (almost)

Can you see the hospital and sarah s place more to the left of the latter?  

Monday, November 18, 2013

zindozs 8.1 and kubuntu 13.10 - compatible with

in case you do the opposite to recommanded procedure or install windows after linux (k,l)ubuntu...

i fixed grub after windows install wiped it off using the live mode in the dvd of kubuntu 13.10 x64 and following the procedure described here in a terminal:

it s good to know there are tools that can help get both operating systems to boot with grub :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

it was close! almost hit by a tree!

I think i ll consider having lost 1/2 of my remaining 7 out of 9 cat lives. 6.5 remaining as of today.

Imagine you are standing aside a river, on huge rocks, your back directed towards the river. Suddenly you hear this huge KRRRRAAAAAAKKKKK and you see a huge tree sliding towards you reall fast and stopping with another BOIINNNNGGGGG KRAK when it hits another tree that stops it, spraying lots of broken wood particles at you (wind blowing strong).

it s really scary.

it s what happened to me while playing with CCR along the wind Drac river today.

It would not have hit me but close, looking closer, it appears it is a 15 m long tree that was pushed by the violent floods. (semi visible part of the tree below, i was standing on the left picture side, behind the branches)

i feel lucky today.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

à Lexington du 28 avril - 5 mai 2013 avec Sarah :)

Cumberland-falls, kentucky
Supposedly the only place where a moonbow can be observed (arc en ciel de pleine lune)


Natural bridge, Slade, Kentucky

 Sarah looks soooo small.

 Sarah et moi a point view et Natural bridge derrière...

Mercredi 1st may - Civil wedding in Lexington :)

with us and the parents of Sarah.

a very nice moment of our lives :)
(the video is lost due to a sd card error) :/

Arrival of the grand parents of Sarah in the evening and bbq ribs!

trip to Indiana University for the graduation of Rebecca
we had to move a few stuff from Rebecca s place but it was not too hard as it was only a few boxes.

i received a very good news from the ACA organisation - grant accepted to cover part of the trip this summer :)


Graduation of Rebecca

retour en avion au dessus du canada

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mariage de Sarah et Maxime

Chers amis et famille,
Dear friends and family,

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir vous communiquer les dates et lieux des cérémonies de mariage.
We are happy to release the dates and venues for the wedding ceremonies.

First, on the american side,
31 may 2014, in Cumbaland state park, Kentucky, USA.

Then, in Europe,
7 juin 2014, Belgium

Château d'Hélécine
Rue Armand Dewolf 2
1357 Hélécine

Inside the dome of the castle... it s huge!

It is likely that some of the guests will want to sleep at the castle.
The accomodation in the castle: The rooms are with 2 (in one room only), 3 or 4 beds. (22 € per bed used/night). Common bathrooms and showers.
It is a bit old style but it will do confortably if you only intend to stay the night after the wedding.
There is currently no wifi in the site, but they have plans to get it working next year...


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

entre le Trou de Poussebou et la tourbière du peuil -Vercors 14-4-12

de 1050m a 1250m puis 900m d'altitude au départ du Trou de Poussebou, se trouve un sentier sous les crètes du vercors qui évolue dans un environnement très abrupt jusquà la tourbière du Peuil.

Vidéo des lieux + RC CCR au trou de poussebou sur un rocher difficile a parcourir....