Monday, May 20, 2013

it was close! almost hit by a tree!

I think i ll consider having lost 1/2 of my remaining 7 out of 9 cat lives. 6.5 remaining as of today.

Imagine you are standing aside a river, on huge rocks, your back directed towards the river. Suddenly you hear this huge KRRRRAAAAAAKKKKK and you see a huge tree sliding towards you reall fast and stopping with another BOIINNNNGGGGG KRAK when it hits another tree that stops it, spraying lots of broken wood particles at you (wind blowing strong).

it s really scary.

it s what happened to me while playing with CCR along the wind Drac river today.

It would not have hit me but close, looking closer, it appears it is a 15 m long tree that was pushed by the violent floods. (semi visible part of the tree below, i was standing on the left picture side, behind the branches)

i feel lucky today.

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