Sunday, May 20, 2007

Free museums week-end in Grenoble...

Yesterday was the day of the free museums representations in Grenoble, Susy, Ric, Zé and i (Sar joined only the evening) tried to assist to some of the violoncel and dance stuffs... well we were not that sucessfull! Seen the limited number of places available for these spectacles and the usual application of Murphy's law, we were queuing for nothing twice the same day... :-/ That was nice to see the city while it is not too warm. During the afternoon, Ric and Zé choose to drink a beer in the terrasse of a café in Notre-Dame while Susy and i were hunting for an ice cream. What they did not really remember is that the waiter was already very susceptible with us a year ago. Well i could say that the guy did not change too much... he complained that my friends paid with a few little coins among bigger ones... that is totally amazing... anyway he just lost his tip 10 minutes before that!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

super supermarket?

The record of time to wait for the belgian credit card to be accepted at the caisse has been blown out: yesteday we waited for 20 minutes to get it working... the people from G.... are so incompetant that it is amazing!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

13-5-07 cascades de la Froide Pisse et de la Mariande-oisans - mx-ric-susy-jose

Refuge de l'Alpe du Pin (1805 m) - en boucle par les cascades de la Froide Pisse et de la Mariande
1h20 from Grenoble

some technical details: beginning at 1300m and climbing up to 1800m. We did the climbing in 1h30 ... too much easy pfff
the only thing a bit annying is that most of the time we were looking where to place our feet not to fall or step on a snake...

Monday, May 07, 2007

The black back tired tyre

Imagine you are riding a bike along a river on a flat cyclepath by a beautiful monday at the end of the afternoon. You realise suddenly that you go slightly up and down with a frequency that seems to match each rotation of the wheels of the bike.

1- You are sick and imagine things, maybe the moussaka at lunch contained strange spices and you have hallucinations...
2- Too much affective problems give you the hiccups...
3- a tyre is not a perfect circle anymore... ay! another hallucination

I stopped and checked what was up. Nothing looking strange at first sight... but what is that crack there?
the nylon fibers appeard visible where it should not have... the sceptics would say :"again a stupid young guy that blocked the wheel while braking" but no, the rubber is just swollen.

This must be another curiosity that only happens to me. Well that tyre must be 10 years old +/- and still not smooth. Ach! things are not as good as before ;) (C'était mieux aaaavant!)

i just imagine myself going down the hill at full speed and the nylon cracking all at once with the inner tube protruding and exploding like a chewing gum with me sliding on the ground a bit further...


The brake full of oil... why wasn 't it stopping me? maybe i overfilled the gear box with oil... and the holes in the tyre (my finger could pass through it ;) the amount of broken nylon fibers was quite huge... how didn't it break earlier!!!!