Monday, October 30, 2006

views from the sky - Seyssins

Long time ago (2000) i built a support for a chromatic trashable camera. The heavy device worker well on my 1.4 m, 1.5kg wide methanol powered plane but was limited to 1 picture a flight because it it not possible to re-arm the camera. i have a nice picture of the fields from the sky but without me on it unfortunately. So i decided to make myself busy with a system where more than one pictures can be taken during a flight.

The second version is an ultra light(15 g) trigger for a digital spycam (40 g). The purpose is to place it on the 290 g electric airplane and take pictures from the sky.
the first problem i faced was the need for power to allow the plane to actually take off with its extra weight on the shoulders and additionnal air flow disturbances close to the wings. So i installed a brushless motor on the plane with a huge propeller. Utch!
now it flies!

thank you Sarah for the nice pictures ;)

Below are the first pictures taken with the fantastic device.

The small grey dot on the left top is me!
Nice views of the swimming pool. (I feel better to fly when it is covered for winter)

The house in Seyssins....... and the cars close to the swimming pool

the trees ...

Some artistic views

Monday, October 23, 2006

La dent de Crolles (massif de Chartreuse) 21-10-06

This is a map of the path we followed. We climbed through "pas de l'oreille" to reach the panoramic view with the cross and after some rest (for me) of contemplation we went down by the "trou du glas".
Note the yellow "mousquetons" on the picture are not there for is really steep... but not enough to make us give up!

here is a link with the pictures from Sarah:
i recommend to skip fast over some of the photos where i appear .... ;)
just copy paste the following to your browser to see the pictures.
(clicking on it leads to a login page for some magic reason)

here some of the pictures taken with "mon appareil photo casse cou incassable"

"Ricerdo" just got rid of the scary steps!

waw! we already climbed all that!

Interesting view of the consequences of erosion on Ca(Mg...) CO3 rocks. The aperture of the crevasse is +/- 10 cm wide. Ups lets go away from behind it!!!

A view of grenoble from the top:

"les retardataires" & "the cave" we just got out from. Where is Maxime???

ach! crazy peoples!!!

Sometimes you meet strange animals with ugly tongues in the mountains...

I am a lonesome cowboy...far away from home...
The end.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bike trip -8th oct 2006

It is just the story of a trip with friends from Grenoble to the lakes of "le bois francais" taking the most adventurous, bumby and sinuous way to reach it.

it begun with stress for 1 of us because a air chamber broke while pumping air in it... so ricardo said "please 5 min guys" ...and 5 min later the bike was ready. When we have a problem, we know who to call from now on... ;)

Suxi is very light sensitive...

how much longer do we have to watch behind us ?

a terrible bike crash was avoided at the last moment...

Once again a very dangerous expedition with these people!

We all succeeded to pass the muddy river without falling... sorry no nasty picture this time...

Sarah (the newcomer of the gang) bough a new bike and she was scared that it could be stolent since it looks very new. So we proposed to throw mud on her bike so that it looks a bit less new. I think she was scared that if she accepts, we do not wait for her to leave the bike before starting... why?