Monday, October 23, 2006

La dent de Crolles (massif de Chartreuse) 21-10-06

This is a map of the path we followed. We climbed through "pas de l'oreille" to reach the panoramic view with the cross and after some rest (for me) of contemplation we went down by the "trou du glas".
Note the yellow "mousquetons" on the picture are not there for is really steep... but not enough to make us give up!

here is a link with the pictures from Sarah:
i recommend to skip fast over some of the photos where i appear .... ;)
just copy paste the following to your browser to see the pictures.
(clicking on it leads to a login page for some magic reason)

here some of the pictures taken with "mon appareil photo casse cou incassable"

"Ricerdo" just got rid of the scary steps!

waw! we already climbed all that!

Interesting view of the consequences of erosion on Ca(Mg...) CO3 rocks. The aperture of the crevasse is +/- 10 cm wide. Ups lets go away from behind it!!!

A view of grenoble from the top:

"les retardataires" & "the cave" we just got out from. Where is Maxime???

ach! crazy peoples!!!

Sometimes you meet strange animals with ugly tongues in the mountains...

I am a lonesome cowboy...far away from home...
The end.

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