Saturday, December 13, 2008


Merry Xmas and happy new year! (soon)

December's snow

Sunday, November 23, 2008

find the strange thing

find the strange thing in the picture:
- is there a model plane stuck in the pinetrees?
- is there a volcano waking up in the massif de belledonne?
- is there an amazingly ecological swimming pool?
- is there a lack of sheets on some trees?
- is there a wild annimal?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the little mountains

Before covering the beginning of a mountain, in the neighborhood of the turning bridge:

Mount under construction:

The finalisation of the mount

The little lake

the connection bridge

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hamburg, SAXS course on biomacromolecules, oct 18-26

"I came to hamburg and ate a few hamburgers".

The Max's version of Jule's "veni, vidi, vici" !

On our only free afternoon during the course we visited the new (old) PETRA ring (2.3km circumference) which is being converted into the most powerfull 3rd generation synchrotron. You can see me there close to the future path of the electron beam (huuuu freaking dangerous futur place to be ...uh!).

Just after we headed to the city and one of its small lake...

The submarine bird of Hamburg

In hamburg they have confusing shops!
Is this a fast food or a bank behind me on the picture?

Let's hold the finger of the statue...

Sunset from top of st Michel's church with a view of the city...


Another restaurant with the band:
Or was explaining to her how "cacher" food should be obtained. Notably how you should kill animals like fishes in order to be allowed to eat it. You take the fishes and kick their head on the head, if the fish survives, you can not eat it. At this point, the best to doit to free the animal and in any case not eat it. Imagine the fish with bent neck swimming in circle in the sea....and always in the same direction!


-There are 8 Levels.
-You gain 100 points when you give the good value (+/- 10% to given good value as they said but we observed less tolerance)
-You loose 30 points at every wrong answer.
-If you take too much time to answer at a level, you make less points than the 100 points credit.
-There is a red button. "are you kidding? never press" You get -100 points for missuse!!!!! A few tricks are spread around the levels.... if you are sure you are being cheated, you can press it and get the corrected value.


We discovered later that when we go up one level, we are congratulated on the web interface by SAXSMAN. otherwise, the computer laughs at you!

It has been tought but very pleasant and instructive.
We struggled a lot with some parameters like the porod volume which always seemed to be overevaluated by the program we used (primus) and without real well defined "point de repère" in the data range we analyse. porod plot: see a peak, and then a plateau and the noise- as you select more high angle data... we hardly see the plateau....

The Grenoble group (us) managed to go to very negative points... but we recovered and got to a good competition level.

Our Russian friend was n°2 and could get to the 1st position, but the server seemed to be not responding and her model file not to be available, so 5 min before the deadline of the end of the challenge, she submitted my group's model and had the highest score in time! her and her partner were honest enough to tell it to the organisers but it was fun to get the highest score in a team :)

The restaurants

Do you think it was a chinese?

No comment...

Friday, September 26, 2008

don t disturb you crazy !

when i was coming back from work tonight at the speed of a snail as usual after a hard workweek, i saw a banner for "bourse de minéraux" in le prisme seyssins, it is an exposition where you can buy crystals of any kind/color you want. The banner looked nice so i decided to give it a chance since the door was opened and it looked interesting. So i was looking at the stuff for 10-15 mins when one of the exposant began to ask what i was doing there, so i said i am just looking. She then told me that it was not opened yet and that i should leave and faster than that! at the same time everybody looked in my direction since the girl had been so loud. So i put myself to the way out as fast as their hospitality made me feel like rushing out! (oh well i had a hard week like i said previously). It is just if they were not making sure i was leaving by following me. I looked carefully and there was absolutely no indication that i could not enter...

However, i can tell you they had nice mineral crystals of all sorts ...but i don't recommend it for their hospitality nor cheapness, let s say for the pleasure of the eyes ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

trip to Vienne

a little expedition with Sofia and Daniele to Vienne (not Austria but close to lyon, france)

In a restaurant, somebody that talks a lot .... never finishes first ;)

some ruins and the theather (huge)

the coloured glasses in the cathedral of Vienne.

Somewhere in the city, Sofia admitted i was right about the path to take. I had to picturise it since this was a first (not for me to be right but her to admit it ;)

Some night pictures, with the teets of the Chartreuse seen from Seyssins. Humm Grenoble, very sensual city...