Friday, September 26, 2008

don t disturb you crazy !

when i was coming back from work tonight at the speed of a snail as usual after a hard workweek, i saw a banner for "bourse de minéraux" in le prisme seyssins, it is an exposition where you can buy crystals of any kind/color you want. The banner looked nice so i decided to give it a chance since the door was opened and it looked interesting. So i was looking at the stuff for 10-15 mins when one of the exposant began to ask what i was doing there, so i said i am just looking. She then told me that it was not opened yet and that i should leave and faster than that! at the same time everybody looked in my direction since the girl had been so loud. So i put myself to the way out as fast as their hospitality made me feel like rushing out! (oh well i had a hard week like i said previously). It is just if they were not making sure i was leaving by following me. I looked carefully and there was absolutely no indication that i could not enter...

However, i can tell you they had nice mineral crystals of all sorts ...but i don't recommend it for their hospitality nor cheapness, let s say for the pleasure of the eyes ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

trip to Vienne

a little expedition with Sofia and Daniele to Vienne (not Austria but close to lyon, france)

In a restaurant, somebody that talks a lot .... never finishes first ;)

some ruins and the theather (huge)

the coloured glasses in the cathedral of Vienne.

Somewhere in the city, Sofia admitted i was right about the path to take. I had to picturise it since this was a first (not for me to be right but her to admit it ;)

Some night pictures, with the teets of the Chartreuse seen from Seyssins. Humm Grenoble, very sensual city...