Wednesday, March 29, 2006

view of the mountains from seyssins

i quite like these pictures of the mountains (Belledone) at the beginning of the summer...

Monday, March 27, 2006

roller blading at Europole and ski/surf at "l'alpe du grand serre"


Spring is coming faster than expected.... well french people say it isn't yet but 20 C during the day is quite comfortable to drink a fruit juice outside.
to celebrate this with the visiting friend of Susana, Andrew, we did a bit of sport...

you didn't see it...okay!

i had some videos also but how can it share it on this site?

The following day:

Since we had still a lot of latent energy and we do not care about the clock time change for spring, we just took the bus for "l'alpe du grand serre" at 8h00 (7h00 for winter time and i prefer not to say when i had to wake up!)
The end of the season at low altitudes is beginning. The snow was more like soup!! Arriving overspeeded in a melting soup zone makes the snowboard suddenly breaking without announcement, ejecting the surfer, sometimes making him dig the path with the face, just to taste ice...

photograph trick: to make a picture look like you are in extreme conditions: just rotate both your head and the camera or.... just put yourself into extreme conditions!

QUIZZ: what might be hidden behind the gloves?
(the answear is not just "Ricardo"!!!!)

the only shadow was the journey in bus that we all seemed to live a bit sick (the stomack going left...right... up... down)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"degaine de la mort qui tue" 10-14 March 06

L'accumulation des heures passees au labo pour terminer dans les temps la preparation des echantillons ajoutees aux longues experiences menees tout le week-end jusque tot le matin semblait pourtant avoir finalement eu un impact limite. Malgre tout, ce qui devait arriver arriva .... mes collegues et amis se sont assez bien amuses en voyant la tete que je tirais lundi matin. Jugez par vous memes:

Malgre tout les resultats sont encourrageants et il ne reste plus qu'a foncer pour analyser les resultats.

I received a comment about the french language used before. Indeed, the picture was asked by my old decrepit retired father ... he does not understand english as good as others.... so i tried to be nice with this scroundrel... Some of my friends from across many european countries are just having the opportunity to practice a bit of another language. Aren't they lucky? ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Artistic ice skating in Grenoble 5/3/06

In the optics of having fun with some new experiences, we decided to go to the "patinoire de grenoble".
I went there with my friends Ricardo and Susana. The were already much more experienced than i was and they were almost like fishes in an aquarium with the technique of ice skating. I took some time to get the trick and to manage not to kill myself... here an interesting pictures of the artists ...

(note that the picture is all dark because the batteries of the camera were empty!!!!)

Eearlier that morning the view from the kitchen in the house in Seyssins:

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Prague, CZ, in May 2005

Here the visit of Prague during the litlle free time we had. We had to be present for the interesting presentations of the congress "Bioiron2005"
I met there some friends and collegues from Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.

I did not realise that we sighsee so much! Each evening my feets were in "compote" but the following day we were ready for more adventures ...hehe
Thanks a lot to Natalia, Xavier, Simons, Celia and Joao for the great time there.

Some famous monuments: A huge statue of ? (with a unique panorama), the Astronomic clock (with the 2 crazy men in front), a map of the world!, a tank from the war museum (closed that day! (: ) and the distorted building (even the camera saw it!!!!, so was not something we drank...oufffff)

december 2005 "Autrans"

The first trip in the mountains of the season 2005-2006.

It was a bit cold....

Also a bit cloudy....

and this crap weather got rid of me!
i fell badly on a jump i even had not seen because of the clouds and i went back home only 50 % body surface intact..... fortunately several days after it was christmas and holidays to rest a bit....

Ski in "Correncon"/"Villard de Lans"

That was once again a super day with a lot of great snow!
"Hors-piste" was possible without risk of avalanche in the track visible on the top of the second picture... the slope was more or less of 55 %... yeah!