Sunday, January 10, 2010

seyssins s car park & Chamrousse 9-1-0 with Ana and Stu

Back from hollidays on 4th jan

the next friday moring we woke up with a thick layer of snow everywhere!

before shoveling:

getting the car out:

i had some help from Alexis to shovel

the car park

the fun in Chamrousse:

some frozen friends:

getting back home, i was amazed the hill road leading home was still covered with a few cm of snow but still i tried to get the car up.
look at the top part of the hill road!

it worked: the trick is not to be too rude with the throttle and keep speed. i could feel the car slide sideways several times, particularly when i was passing the bumpers which made the car shake. Oufti gamin!

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