Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Le lac de Paladru

Le lac de Paladru is the 5th biggest french lake (in water surface). It is located +/- 40 km north to Grenoble. I am not surprised that subaquatic archeology researches occur there.
Walking around the lake desperately to find a decent beach took us some time since it is full of private beaches...

Is it my rhinoceros skin and my 7 years old mental age that made me swim so much? (i expect some comments on it!!!)

jumping on the tyre.......................trapped on the tyre........coming back after the hard time!

not yet fully decided..............."how is it that i am not drown?"....the paparazzi having fun on us

The water was so warm that the fresh effect expected by swimming was limited. I still have this image of boiling water in my mind...
Susana and Ricardog were not as long as me in the water...

Funny animals happen sometimes on the borders of the lakes in France...
Like a good spanish friend said "Hola Ricardo tienes el pelo muy largo!!"

nice pony tail! you want to know what they are doing?

After moving so much, some noises were audible from the stomach area so we hunt for a small shop to eat a kebab and hot dogs...miam
What is the next lake we will go? ....Aiguebelette near Chambery?

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Patricia C said...

Coucou fréro,
sympa tes photos, je vois que tu profites bien de tes vacances c'est une très bonne idée de faire du tourisme tes week end surtout que, comme à Ottignies, il fait super chaud cet été.
ta petite soeur.
PS: je suis étonnée de constater que le pneu est toujours de ce monde, mais est-ce toujours le même où en as tu trouvé un nouveau?