Friday, July 14, 2006

The storm (again a good one!!!)

What are the advantages of having your office window directed to the north ?
-it displays a magnificient landscape ...good;
-you are not exposed to sun radiations during the summer... good;

What are the disadvantages of having your office window only directed to the north ?
-you have no idea what kind of clouds are coming from the south!!... it is very bad when you go to work by bike!!!

Some explanations:

Trustfull seing the blue sky in the north i decided to go home that day. I picked up my bike and turned the corner of the building.... That is the moment i did the huge mistake. I saw the very dark clouds far awayand though: "mmmmuuh it it still far enaugh i have time to reach the house". Yep, but it was without being avare the wind was getting stronger and stronger, i was going towards the storm.....

***********Suite in the next episode! ********

Half the way home (exactly at the place where Sofia lived before in Fontaine), the rain begun, slowly stronger and suddenly heavier.... i had just the time to reach a bridge to protect myself.
we were 3 people stuck under that bridge... at least i was not feeling alone...

Flashes of lightnings falling all around us, heavy rain bumping the rocks around, thunder striking the highvoltage wires at less than 30 m from the bridge i was, strong wind blasts, hail (big balls of ice) ..... what an apocalyptic view....

After praying +/- 30 min there, a slight lull occured and the rain was lighter. So i decided to go. But again i had no luck and the storm got stronger a few minutes later....with no other bunkers nearby....
The hail begun bumping on my head, no hollow sound appeared, at least that comforted me .... ;)
My shoes were tranformed in swimming pool. I discovered it is very impermeable (or that the amount of water falling on it was bigger than the amound of water leaking from it.... must have been that!)
I finally reached the place, fortunately the electical portal was opened (there was an electricity cut!!!!) but both my flatmates were on the window seeing me arriving and laughing a bit!! they came back by car...
I just wang my tee-shirt and run to take a warm shower...haaaaaa

In the future i will avoid to tell Sofia that i am going to the swimming pool when she says she goes to the beach in portugal.....

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Sofia said...

You know Max the big problem is when you try to compete with me and with the great weather in Portugal (today they give clear sky and 38ºC in Lisbon, so probably beach again in the end of the day ;) ).
Are you going to the swimming pool?! Be carefull with the storms near by heheh.