Monday, July 31, 2006

Lac de Laffrey

We found a nice place close to one of the three lakes close to Laffrey, at 900m altitude.

Once arrived in the proximity of the Lake, i asked contribution to my friends to inflate the rescue tyre.

the best is coming with the pictures of susana's camera...(soon)

The look of susana is terrific with the tyre!

I saw some small fishes in the water, this indicates that the water is not so much polluted.
The water was slightly colder than in Le Paladru a week before and we had some clouds coming 1 h after we were installed.

Again a great afternoon making what children do ... hehe

1 comment:

Sofia said...

It seems you are having a lot of fun :D Great :D
But Max I must say that you are very slow... I already saw all the pictures in Ricardo website hehehe... You should hurry up next time :)