Tuesday, June 05, 2012

magic what?

for the last 30 min or so there was this awfull smell in the whole building from someone in the meeting room next door that did not took a shower too recently.... pwah

Trevor was looking for meso i phoned him from the office and said,
"hey T, do you need my magic wind?" (since i sorted some stuff recently, he now says i have a magic wand)
everybody started laughing .... i think (hope) Trevor understood MAGIC WAND which is what i ment but nononono, the others had understood wind - TOO LATE for me.

a bit later, Estelle then told me that this tongue error ment something. .... " pet magique" in french = magic fart...

but i was just drinking water when she did... it took me a surhuman effort to keep it all in my mouth.

i have been laughing for the LAST 15 MIN.. CAN'T RECOVER... hihihih

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