Sunday, June 10, 2012

frustrating itunes connection to ipad 3 in win 7 (x64)

in win 7 - 64 bit, i systematically have to stop / restart the "apple mobile device" service (run / services) before hoping to see my new ipad in itunes sometimes this would simply not work without performing the physical disconnection, reconnection of my ipad 3 several times (while pictures are always visible in windows explorer). This is a driver problem. Having to fix such problems manually/looking it up forever on the web is not something you would expect using  such an expensive apple device.

Frustration: can't select all the pictures you want to delete on your ipad 3 all at once. Select modify (top right corner) once in the folder with the pictures, then select all the pictures, one by one that you want to delete, then hit the delete red button left top corner. if like me you plan to do backups of your holidays pictures on the ipad, you can soon find this all but fun to have to delete 3000 pictures (16 GB) one by one. UNACCEPTABLE!

i discovered another frustration: whenever you add pictures from itunes on your ipad whith sync, you are unable to free the memory without deleting the source directory on your pc and re-syncing the ipad. UNACCEPTABLE, particularly frustrating when you need to delete images to free memory during a trip! funny mobile device concept.

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