Sunday, August 29, 2010

bug: mamba max pro firmware 1.29 - torque limit test fails on "crawler" setting.

for firmware 1.29 on castle mamba max pro ESC:

- the motor torque limit test does not work when the basic/reverse type setting is set to crawler reverse and the drag brake is set to 213% (full crawler). Not sure though if both settings are responsible for the bug. The motor would not spin at all and the red and green led light up steady (test running indicator), this means there is a bug according to the info i have. Upon the next connection, the program detects the run was a success, which i highly doubt actually was. The test failed. i tried 3 times re-setting up the mamba max pro for the test with crawler settings. then i switched to the reverse type "with reverse" and 0% drag brake and the torque limit test ran normally.
Note that firmware 1.28 detected a reasonnable kv value for my motor (7582 kv/low timing for a "7700kv" brushless motor),

it would be also nice for future firmwares/programs to keep the result of the motor torque/kv test displayed in the window of the torque limit setting. I would also suggest if possible to have the option to manually enter the KV value of the motor for a given known motor timing so that people that know the result of the test would not need to physically run the test again and again when needed. (why not as a "pro mode" activated when a box is ticked ? or with a choice of motors commercially available with pre-entered caracteristics?)

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