Saturday, August 21, 2010

the worse bike pedal removal ever!

You can nowadays find lots of replacement pieces in the stores, most of which are good quality, but sometimes you buy rubbish without knowing, even when you pay the price.... an example: bike pedals for mountain bikes. life expectancy for daily with a man: 1.5 year. not more. people will say that i am raugh... but maybe not that much knowing that the original pedals of the new bike held 15 years. it was in metal, not plastic.

this pedal was very stuck on the bike shaft that i broke a few spanners getting it out. I really though i would never get it out after breaking 2 spanners. Then i had the clever idea (what else could it be?) to dig the metal around the edges to free the tension of the metal. It worked! ouf but the last 2 spanners broke under the power of my legs as i was already able to unscrew, it was so rusty. i had to finish with an ajustable spanner (not shown).

spanner 's cost of the operation: 2.4+3€ (new platic pedals = 4 euros)

I shall remember to always apply grease on those screws in the future, it avoids lots of trouble some years later.

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