Sunday, August 24, 2008

jardin de ville with Ana and Shona 24-8

This was a nice summer sunday to do random things with some friends:

It is sometimes easier to climb than it is to go down....

i was kidding with Ana telling her that if she gets an arm broken she would not be able to get to the plane cause she would be stuck at the hospital or the "platre" cement would be too heavy for her to travel with luggages... only 5 minutes later she fell badly on her arm while playing in the jardin de ville close to the bastille... i even have a video of the fall... ooops! funny but she was hurt.
we even have the videos of it!! Sorry Ana...

another guy tried...

After these few exercices, we went to the city centre to get an ice cream for the girls and me a chocolate caramel muffin :):):) miam

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