Sunday, August 31, 2008

Am i lucky?

I must be the most lucky guy in the world!!!

I had charged earlier the batteries of the little plane model to play with it in the evening. it is a 1500mAh NiCd high intensity battery pack made of 7 elements.
That "new" battery pack has a unique story: it crashed 3 times with the freshly built plane last year while under tests and i had to fix it several times by reconnecting them together. Probably i did not see everything that was wrong with it. Apparently the plastic isolation had partly melted between a few elements.
This afternoon i was about to go to the swimming pool for a bit before playing with the plane when i realised a strange smell of burned plastic in the room. i saw that the batteries inside the plane were still very warm after charging them 1 h before (it is always recommended to let it cool down before use to avoid overheating). So i decided to extract the batteries from the plane and by doing so i must have made the shortcut even more powerfull: the connectors beween 2 batteries got burning-hot-to-red and the plastic isolant close to it took fire, the connector disassembled in my hands due to fusion of the Sn while in fire. I blew on it and the fire was extinguished...

I don t want to think about what would have happened if i had gone to the pool without noticing the hot batteries inside the wooden-plastic plane model...

a few weeks later: crash after 15-20 s flight... now i know what is wrong: the wings servo control is too slow and makes the plane hard to control.


i had a little strange thing tonight...
i was eating a blueberry yoghurt quietly (thinking about being rich yaaay).. scronch scrontch scrontch scrontch scrontch KRAK!
my teeth met a stone...
it looks like quartz... it rays metal, could be also corindon (Al2O3), or even better diamond :) maybe i am rich :):):):) , or maybe simply lucky that i did not hurt my teeth...

Will i buy yoplait yoghurt again?

i wrote to them:

"Madame Monsieur,

Je vous informe par le présent message de la possible contamination de plusieurs de vos yaourts yoplait (panier de yoplait, mûre) par des pierres en quartz. j'ai en effet découvert une pierre de taille d environ 8-9 mm de diamètre dans ce produit. Je doute fort que mon métabolisme m'en permette la digestion. D'autres personnes pourraient ne pas avoir la même chance que moi et endommager gravement leurs dents. Je vous suggère donc d'agir en conséquences et à temps. Je garde des photos a votre disposition si nécessaire.
Avec toute l'expression de mes sentiments contrastés."


some views in the sky of Grenoble :)

(left) is that a thumb turned up to the sky?


The night of the 5th sept 2008: Thunderstorm stroke the aerial power alimentation wires of the house really close... so close that i jumped 10 cm high in my bed... it was a bit hard to fall asleep directly after that...

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