Friday, August 22, 2008

Camp at Lac Lauvitel 21&22-8-08

We started by car from our work site and before passing the exit fence, i saw a red light on and the fence did not automatically open. The guard told me to pull over and open the trunk... which we did, that was fun because we had just spent 5 min to try to close it with all the bags full of camping stuff. Then we had to open it again! youpii! i don t know why but the guard refused to check what we had in our bags... he just wanted to see our badges, how disappointing, we would have had fun... i guess this is just bad luck to be stopped by a random security check when you are 5 in the car with the trunk full.

In the mountains:
Start: 1000m alt., Arrival: 1500m alt., Aim: see Marmottes before their long siesta.

we were a bit loaded on our back for this trip as you can see:

Pic nic at night

Playing with the marmottes

Bread is not good for them so we did not give them too much of it. They liked kiwi a lot!

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