Saturday, July 19, 2008

D - 1 or "le tour du perollier" between Laffrey and La mure, Matheysine

Ana, Stuart and your obediant servitor went to a nice randonée in order for me to be sure to be able to sleep in the plane i have to catch the next day.

on the top (2000m) we could see the 3 lakes from Laffrey. the other side of the mountain was the ski fields from L'alpe du grand serre. it was amazing to see it completely green and also to realise that snow was hiding most of the roads when i used to go there in the winter.

The nice thing about going to the mountains with Ana is that for some strange and complex reason, flies like her a lot even with tons of repulsives sprayed all over LOL, so both Stuart and i were quiet. :)

(photos in 22 days)

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