Sunday, July 06, 2008

the big CRACK

i was sitting in my car reading maps to plan the saturday expedition when i heard a very loud breaking down noise. i jumped on the moment but i could not localise the problem since nothing appeared to be broken. I found it strange and assumed it was just steel contraction as the temperature was going fresher.
I left the car and realised that the conductor's window was down, but i could not remember opening it... it is after such moments that you ask yourself if you are not driven crazy! LOL

Impossible to close the window up again...
The autopsy carried out by Dr Max led to the discovery of a plastic piece wreakage.

The scene of the crime, the broken plastic bit is shown on the middle of the picture on the right.

Here is the problem: the spare piece is not sold for new in the citroen garages... you have to buy a whole new system (very expensive). Yet I went to 2 different demolition places/spare pieces shops and could not find any clone for the plastic piece. The best i had was a mirror image incompatible with my system.

But i was not going to let it go like that...

what is the melting temperature of polyproplyl√®ne? +/- 150°C
i melted the broken parts with an electrician heater (or iron) and reassembled the parts together. it holds as new. except that i do not really want the same problem to happen again so i slightly modified the layout so that the cable extension that was ejected could not escape again ... (see centre of pic below)

ouff, back in place!

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