Saturday, July 05, 2008

bike trip to le lac Monteynard 5-7-08

why not a trip in the mountains by bike? this time i challenged Ana to do it with me and i was amazed that she could follow... we had to go from Grenoble 270m altitude, to Sinard 840m alt. then go down to the lake at 520m alt. From 10h until 21h10 i did 88km.... Ana had 8-10 more km to do in total.
The courrageous enthousiasts

I am a genious, i wanted fresh drink all along the way so i froze a bottle of limonade. The only drawback is that it took ages before unfreezing in my special isothermal bag LOL!

Le barrage de Monteynard in the back

some of the paths we passed by...

on the slope to go to the lake.

we could reach the passerelle above the lake and the views were fantastic!
it was amazing to see a dog on the passerelle not feeling very well... the fact of seeing the water far under your legs makes some effect...

She did it!! ;)

and me too (resting on the other side LOL)

The relaxation :)

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