Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some views from the sky of the house where i grew up

Finally i managed to do something with the mini camera bound to the little plane. It worked again, so the last views from the sky (october) were not only an "accident" :)

The house in the center of the pictures and the garden behind with the 5 big trees (hehe they look so tiny from these views!) and the Magnolia in the front that is with its flowers :)
The little dark stick in the parking... it is me... hehe

The main road to join the house ;) (our house is just a bit on the right on the hidden part of the picture) and the house of the neighbours.

Since every story on this blog has a bit of a strange side, i ll just show what happened to the plane on the second flight of the day : the 3rd big crash of that model ! UPS! I did not understand all what happened but i suspect an electromagnetic "Top" making the radiocontroller blind for a few seconds. (some others claim that i would be a bad pilot... but that is another story ;)
The pieces are all stuck together again... that is the magic of glu.

to be fixed until the following... Crash!

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