Sunday, April 22, 2007

Randonnée to the Cascade de L'oursiere - Uriage (Suxi-Ric-Trevor-Rachel-Max)

the "traversée" of the little rivers went quite easily

The third river was actually a glacier and crossing it was a bit more tough...

The second Glacier was a bit more difficult, i went first because i have this gene of the "kamikazomaxupilamissime". I though just after : "waw i was lucky it did not collapse!" Actually the part of the ice i sat on to jump was an extension of ice of 1.5 m without support on the ground on the bottom. When this edge will break, it will be better that nobody is below! the others did not want to try the same path after i warned them. so they chose to pass above the danger zone. But we forgot a bit Rachel... (oups Sorry!) Ric. went back to break parts of the dangerous edge to facilitate the passage.

Ric. is going down contrary to the apparences ! ;)

the cascade the afternoon ;)

the indications given by the GPS are quite funny... we knew at that stage we had climbed 300m (start at 1100m.. second cascade at 1400 +/-50m)

left: altitude and position; on the right, GPS says: you are in the snow.... (no roads, a bit lost the machine...)

WAW the cascade is very impressive!

i tried to come closed to the water to test the existence of a temperature gradient close to the cascade. it does!

i saw some rainbows in different positions around the bottom of the cascade where water projections are so fine... i could not resist to picturise it :) yes yes look well there is a rainbow ;)

A bit further i found the most unexpected and nicest place possible to find in such a raugh mountain! Like Suxi says, it gives the mood to start running and jumping all over like the childrens we still are :)


We found beautiful white flowers all spread almost everywhere on gound. Why in this ocean of white are there some that revolt and are violet?

We wanted to reac the lakes.. but half the way our legs decided it was not for today... at this stage, the GPS said we did 8.2 km (but wether or not it is by bird flight or not, i am not sure.)

on the way back i took some pictures of the paths to the cascades... it did not look that hard while climbing!

For those that do not know what phototropism is, here is a striking example. Small, the trees were put on the ground due to an event. It grew up then following the light (trees grow by its apex) the bent of all the trees in that area was pointing to the highest slope gradient. the best hypothesis is that the trees were aligned by an avalanche while small. One could also think about "repatation" or "fauchage" but the ground is rocks differential ground slidings on the different layers allowed.

They will become little frogs..

i will not forget :)

On the way back we tested the GPS to go home... funny thing is my GPS maps do not implement the restrictions due to one way streets also in Grenoble...

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