Monday, April 16, 2007

friday 13th or Monday 16th?

it seems the last few days are a bit hard for a lot of peoples around me:

- I phoned home after work and my mother forgot to turn off the water in the kitchen so water got out of the sink!!! Swimming pool in the house

- My sister had an interview in brussels and there was a savage train stike.
but earlier that day my father had a meeting to check his eyes in the hospital and could not drive because of the medication he received to dilate the eye diaphragm. So he could not get my sister home earlyenaugh .... since she has always a very positive attitude, she went shopping! hehe

- A good friend got sick the same afternoon...

- Another good friend got her bike stolen in the city of grenoble a few days ago.

- finally a terrible news came from the US the same day.

i would feel like a suvivor if destiny had not fallen a couple of times on my head :-/

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