Sunday, June 14, 2015

windrider bee scout / wicked wing construction notes

All was going well and easy for the assembly of the 2 wings parts together with epoxy resin untill i realised that the wings are not perfectly linear where the elevons should be attached! this is very very bad for the good behaviour of the aircraft in the air. as you can see on the picture below, a straight piece of wood is placed direcly under the wing and shows the divergence rom linearity.
the wing was trimmed with a scalpel. i wish i realised it before placing the reinforced tape.

I also found the wings edges (external, rudders) is not perfectly parallel! i had to cut 6 mm on one side to correct the problem. And the wings were glued together perfectly parallel.  

Attaching the ailerons was then easy.

i added another 7.5cm / 3 inch wide reinforced tape ribbon on the top front and borrom front of the wings for better rigidity.

The final build is pretty rigid and resistant.

flight test with moderate-to-low wind with GC at 24 cm from tip. (allowed 24-26 cm from tip for best result. if GC is further back, then the aircraft is uncontrollable.)

the best view at 15 min. looping at 14 min...

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