Monday, May 18, 2015

Durafly hyperbipe biplane enhancements

One of the first problem with this cheap plane is the landing gear.
It bends a lot upon landing... and it does land roughly despite 30% EXPO on the elevator and having an onboard gyroscope stabilisator.

First, glu the plastic support of the landing metal rod with generous amounts of epoxy resin (2 components resin) It will stabilise the entire wheels train.
Second, get rid of those tiny wheels and get some larger ones, i found some that still fit on the rod (wheel size 2.5 inch/19mm wide)
to prevent ample bending upon landing and hitting the propeller on concrete, glu a resistant light rope on each side of the wheels with several nodes around the metal, glu it with gorilla glu or other, hook it to a spring as shown on the picture. it now bounces like a rabbit upon landing :)

Enhancement #2
SMD Wing lights

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