Tuesday, February 16, 2010

train modelling - HO scale- electrically controlled cabin doors (a new invention - Copyright mczouav)

i had an idea... accidentally, when i had the mechanical pieces of a "broken" machine in my hands. I always liked to have a look at mechanical pieces patially dismantled de visu because it is sometimes quite ingeniously designed. Suddenly BANG! light turned on. that was the beginning of several hours of "pure adaptative creativity" :)

Here is the final result.
Try to guess what is the mechanical part i used to command the motion of the doors of the steam engines models cabin (obvious even if you are not a geek... a clue? it used to read dvds).

The motor is linked to a 1/2 W resistor of 470 Ohm (+/-) and a stabilised 12VDC power source with a simple polarity inverter switch (with neutral position stable).
the connection to the doors is made by nylon fishing wire. Each door is pushed open by a pen spring. The spring was stuck into a piece of polypropylene or polystyrene pushing the spring into the plastic with a hot iron.

- rotating bridge with an engine house with moving parts video -

Homemade automagic electric door opening of model train anger - rotating bridge for model train in action with 4 steam engines moving. movement of the machines is not perfectly smooth because track were oxydated.

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