Sunday, February 21, 2010

how i fixed the cd on mini stereo sony MHC-C50

Sony MHC-C50
After 15 years i received it, the cassette deck A stopped working and i had more and more trouble getting the 5 CD trays to load a cd and read it without giving it a kick on the side to load.

The big problem with those old machines that have a lot of mechanics is that the electric motors are linked with the gears with a rubber. The latter really suffering with time.

i had to completely dismantle the 50 or more screws to disassemble the rack containing the cd tray system.

In the middle:
the huge big terrific cause of the problem: the rubber which obviously slid and did not transfer the movement to the mechanism loading the cd on the laser trolley and rotation motor. I simply added a cheap rubber to it. It is a cheap solution and i have no idea how long the rubber "caoutchouc" is going to stay intact with the ozone in the air.
of course the location of the problem was hard to reach. i had to remove the cd rack and connectore and so on and it involved removing and replacing more than 50 screws.

the cassette deck A is more difficult to fix cause the rubber got itself wrapped on itself and got stuck. trying to rotate it i broke it. i did not fix it now cause the rubber is a special band.

the cd player works now :)

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