Friday, March 16, 2007

16-3-07 Les 7 Laux (again!!)

A day when things are not exactly as foreseen but that was nice :)

One thing not to do when you meet the cousins of a very good friend, is almost kill one of them:

Full of courage (some say craziness, insanity), we climbed to the top of the station and begun by a dark track. it was fine but very icy. I saw José "Zé" falling some 75 m down. He lost a ski and i though how bad is it to fall in that slope... that was exactly what happened to me 2 seconds after that though. The place and the moments are never the bests... So i was sliding on the belly and knees and going down faster and faster...without any control of direction, except about going down the black slope (the lines drawn on the icy snow by the truck to flatten the track in the direction of the slope strange fully forbid to follow another direction). Suddenly i realised that i was going right to Zé at full speed. Knowing that that guy is Portuguese, i should have said "CUIDADO"but instead i just screamed "ATTENTION". Zé turned his head and had just the time to move enough for me (Max the missile) not to smash him completely ! i ended my trip 50 m further... oufti!
-Lets do a red track next time?

the bottom

The best part of the trip: when we can sit!

Patricia made a new friend :)

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Sarah said...

ha...'Max the missile'...that's great.

I'm glad you're all right!