Sunday, March 11, 2007

11-3-07 les 7 Laux - Prapoutel with the Sarahs and me

A nice day that almost did not happen that fun for me ...oups

I woke up at 7h00 with my little "radio-réveil" which is much more fidel to wake you up than give hi-fidelity music...well this time also the "waking up function" was not on its best day!
The meeting was a 7h00 in the gare routière de grenoble....

I was indeed supposed to wake up at 6h00 to get up smoothly, wash my face (for the 100% awaken to be guaranteed), get dressed, prepare a sandwitch, eat some miam miam home-made beautiful crepes, finish preparing the bag for the day, ....

Only the vital steps were made with extreme velocity:
I jumped out of bed, grabbed my agenda with the phone number of Sarah T. plus some junk that were on the same table but still no idea how it got stuck in my hand... and ran to grab the phone.
i left a message on Sarah's messagerie : imagine that you have a few seconds to tell you are going "probably" to be late and that you ll run as fast as possible to be there before the bus leaves 50 min later... Probably when she heard the message she had a big laugh because of my sleepy way of talking (i phoned before the cold water on my face!) and the mixed structure of the ideas ;)

At 7h30 i was paking the car in the gare routière. oufffff!!
Thank you Sarah for buying the ticket for me before the bus was full. You took a huge risk! (she did not have her mobile phone...)

The site of Prapoutel is beautiful and the snow was made of great powder ;) we slided down a lot on the dark tracks without killing ourselves!!!! we are all "pro" now...

The gang

The site

The wind blowing the snow away from the top!!!

Going down a dark track (top), but i is not hard enaugh, just follow the traces just above the red arrow on the picture below, it is the path i drew in the snow going down to the right.... :)

and the scary view when looking down from the dark tracks...

hey what about a photo with both the Sarahs ?

i already had one photo with both the Susanas in Allevard...
now i just miss a photo with both the Sofia ;)
only S... women hehehhehe

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Sarah said...

Maxime's phone message on my phone:
"Um, hi Sarah....its Maxime...I just woke up. Its 7...I will be am trying to get there...I will see you soon...hopefully. Um...bye."

Yes, I can tell you hadn't woken up entirely yet!! :) But you made it, and we had a great day, and all is good. :)