Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sassenage and "les gorges du furon"


Here is where the story begins.... great perspective for the trip.


As you can see i was pushed in the precipice by a false " friend". This guy, whom asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons, even took a picture of it (photo A). I was carried by the river across terrific waterfalls, passing below huge rocks stuck by the versant of the cliffs along the river.
Fortunately i had all the canyoning equipment hidden on me and i swam a bit further down far from the danger zone (picture C).
life is full of surprises!


Sofia said...

Like a common friend usually says...
Tell me stories hehehe :D
You don´t fool me ;)

Vtrain said...

that photo that you are yawnning it's cheeting... now I cannot stop lol ;-)

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