Saturday, December 27, 2014

ARES Spectre X gone wild?

Bought on friday, lost the next monday...

What happens when this flying object looses signal?
1 - Does it fall?
2 - Does it keep flying on the last throttle setting?

Since i can t find it where it should have fallen after i lost control and it passed behind the roof of the house at nearly full throttle, i shall assume it keeps flying by itself. I had perhaps put the throttle stick to zero too late.
Opening the transmitter, i noticed the antenna of the transmitter is 1.5 cm long ( or short perhaps? )

I never found the quad despite looking for 2 hours the next 2 days following the crash in the direction the wind might have blown it....

My next quad drone will be controled with my powerfull transmitter, thougt not easy to find compatibility...

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