Monday, May 12, 2014

Control of the Losi Comp Crawler (CCR) with dig with flysky- FS-TH9x/Turnigy9x transmitter

if you own a 9x transmitter with computer programmable board from smartieparts or other, and also a RC crawler like the LOSI-CCR, you might want to have a look at this. i am posting this as the transmitter programs are not designed to easily figure out what exactly to do to program it with a RC car, even less with a crawler and it took me a bit of thinking to figure this out as it is not informed on the forums i visited.

- a computer with mini usb cable ...
- 9x RC radio transmitter with programmer installed (i.e. smartieparts board)
- batteries in the transmitter (needs to be switched on to flash/program the eeprom)
- "OpenTx" OS flashed in the transmitter, "ER9x" could do but untested.

- "Companion9x" program installed and working (easy install on ubuntu as root, (and windows 7 ?), drivers problems on windows 8.1)

Functions provided by .eepe file program:
-stick mixing
-control of the front/rear wheels dig from the ID0-1-2 switch. (positions to adjust to your needs easily)
-control of a remote control switch (night lights) with AIL switch
-manual on/off of the backlight of the transmitter with ELE switch (if installed)
-proportionnal timer activated to figure out how much battery time remains ( i use 1350mAh 3s and 2000mAh 2S Lipo batteries which usually last 45 min total crawling time but around 20 min with more continuous throttle push, therefore the interest in a throttle proportionnal timer)

Download link to the eeprom file

ATTENTION: the programmer coming with 's "companion" program on linux : AVRDUDE is only functionnal in its 5.11 x version. AVRDUDE 6.0.1 will crash your eeprom in the 9x radio if used...

if you have suggestions/enhancements, do not hesistate to share it please...


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