Thursday, July 05, 2012

a2z disk brake adapter to modify

works with clarks cmd8 disc brake system but not perfect.

it adapted on an old rubbish bike frame from decathlon with 2 holes/ears for screws for mudguard close to the axle screw without problem.

however, a small defect needs to be mentionned:
when the brake is to use in reverse direction, the entire device rotates with the brake. therefore, i recommand drilling a hole in the aluminium leg that touches the bike frame and bind it twice together with robust iron wires. it should be modified because the command cable could break being extended in the wrong direction.

it took me 3 h for installation/adjustment with the A2Z adapter for normal bike frames. the screws are tight and the device does not move upon effort.
the rear non mobile break pad needs a hexagonal key to be adjusted, which is probably needed for the first few trips for fine tuning. the disc was perfectly flat. :)
one has to be carefull not to touch the disc with hands, as i did and it breaks well but could do better, i ll wash it with soap and rinse well with water.

problem 1 : the pads of the brake are rubbish. i went on a bike hike up 300m and going down using the brake. After just going down 100m, the disc became black hot and the pads had lost a substancial amount of material. I had to already adjust the cable by a lot!
are the pads sold with the device just low quality?

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