Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer holidays 2010

i joined Sarah in Nashville first,
moving sarah s stuff to a storage area as she ll be abroad for a stage next school year. wow girls really have a ton of stuff!

Lexington: Sarah was meeting her grand mother as she was around
then we left to the cave run lake area, swam at the proximity of the dam

randonnée in the dam area...

king s island:

we did the aquapark this time and there are some really nice things there, amongst which a surf area with a small board and it is fun! particularly to see the chirldren be thrown away by the strenght of the water. despite that i managed to stay on the wave 20-30 sec which is more or less the allowed time :)

3,2,1, flyaaaaaaahhhhh

On my last day in usa i had to pick up a rental car in Lexington airport. good thing to know about Lexington airport is that they don t actually have a Budget Desk at the airport, their idea is to gat people in a bus to their closest rental office, 15 min away from airport by car. not a good thing if you chose the airport as the pick up location because your host lives closer to the airport than the other pick up desks shown on the map! "That s a loss of my time".

i had planned to spend the rest of my holidays in belgium to see the baby of my sister.
on my way back to france, i got one of the last train i think in Ottignies to Bruxelles, as i just got in Bruxelles, they said " en raison des mauvaises conditions climatiques, la liaison bruxelles ottignies est interrompue.... " yaaaay for me being lucky
my sister smsed me that there were mini tornadoes, strong winds. Tree had fallen in many places.
turns out that the weather was really bad in belgium as i left, trees fell on the train lines after i passed it and also in the neighbourhood of my parent s house! it rained 75L/m^2 in some places... which is 3 times more than what falls in the entire july month in belgium.
and people make fun of me when i take trains too early... ;)

The Thalys was 35 min late and i only got 35 min to go to gare de lyon for my connection train, which took me 25 min, so i made it 10 min earlier yaaay!

In grenoble, i grabbed my bike in the station ( was still there yaaaay). PS for later, make sure the tyres are very well inflated when i leave, so it will have enough for when i come back.

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