Saturday, June 06, 2009

one more time at home

easy tasks: fix the clothes's dryer

do you see the little Sn/Cu shunt in the middle of the green picture?

that is what allows the machine to work again.

there was an option to just rotate the air dryer machine without heating up. under normal use, it was on all the time. The programmer automatic switch had melt inside the programmer and did not conduct power anymore.

Why did it melt?
because it is a little switch that had contact over a very little section, so passing power through it made it heat considerably. simply shunting it made it work again, but without that useless function.

programmed to die?
i wonder somehow if this is not a function they added knowing that it would fail after a few years of intensive use? after dismantling and removing the faulty melt switch, the similar but intact contacts of the other circuits looked to me so much fragile and unable to transmit the required power for the 3500 W resistor ! AEG lavatherm air dryer ... good brand! well particularly after fixing that con, now this machine is unbreakable!

if you ever have a robot machine that does not work properly, take the time to open it and try to see what looks burned in it, (here the programmer)... it might be easy to fix at no cost.
Unfortunately my dad did not have the patience to find the problem too deeply and he bought an expensive new machine... bah, they have a replacement machine available now...

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Sofia said...

Be aware of melting things :) LOL