Monday, April 06, 2009

Sarah came to visit Grenoble almost 2 years after breaking our hearts and leaving

D1: Le pont du Gard

see how curved the bridge is! the old water path

in 1992, i could walk inside the acqueduc and appear in the middle of the bridge to enjoy the view :)

the jet lag effect : just left her 1 min and i found her sleepy on the bench!

D2: Fontaine de vaucluse

le chateau

buying something for someone...

Isle sur la Sorgue

D3: St Remy de provence (site Romain de Glanum)

The piano orgue of the church waaaaw

Les baux de provence

how to get rid of a Sarah? easy : cut the rope...

Avignon (le pont + palais des papes)

D4: Chateuneuf-du-pape wine tasting?
what did we do there again? can't remember.... lol

La citadelle de Sisteron

D5: Resto with the old chaps

D6: Les caves de la chartreuse et le musée de la grande chartreuse

Earlier that day:
At the supermarket, what would be the probability that a car parking in front of your car hit it quite violently so your car jumps backwards and that you see it at the same time? hummm, i suppose those 2 women did not expect me to ask them to move their car away from mine to check for damages... fortuntely only the other car had the fingerprint of my licence plate on their painted bumper! the best car accidents are always when you are not in it...

D7: bouhouuuuuuuu back to work!

SUPER HD VIDEOS from my supercam
the trip

la chartreuse

the restaurant

Acknowledgements to the little one that held the camera while the timer ran: Gorillapod :)

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