Monday, May 12, 2008

2-11 th may 2008...

A short but sunny stay home :)

something important was going to happen home and it was better that i was around a bit for it. fortunately it went well and we just have to wait now...

also i continued a bit of my train circuit begun previously during my short unemployment rest.

Step 1: the idea, january 08 : why not have 3 different track levels ?

step2: the skeletton, january and february 08: what is more robust than steel to keep all the parts together

Step 3: implement the steel tracks and build the support of the intermediate levels in the middle of the tabble.

Step 4: march, april 08: think a bit more because nothing is perfect at first...

Step 5: May 08: begin to implement the bones of the mountains and cliffs (wooden shapes + chickenwire)

next: put CaSo4 . 1/2[H2O] + 1/2 [H2O] on it :)

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