Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sarah in Belgium

It always is very nice to have holidays, i can even more appreciate it after starting a new job :) this time i worked 9 days, the 10th was a holiday :):):):) Let's show the nice places of Belgium to Sarah...

a bike tour to Louvain la Neuve with an ice cream as reward for the courageous ones sucessfully climbing the hills ;)

La butte du Lion with its few steps to climb ;)
No ice cream this time, we were already frozen by the wind....

grand place, the parliament, the palais royal, the king with his blue hat (central picture), ...

Manneken Pis

(he had no special costume, he must have been cold :D )

( we made a new friend :)

Les arcades du cinquantenaire, Schuman.

Sarah wanted to climb this wooden stair and see the view from there. Since we were alone in the church, she climbed the thing on her knees to pass below the fence. Suddenly i saw her head protruding but she immediately disappeared (same view as the photo) ... somebody had entered the church behind my back :) i had a big laugh....

The Legend says that "Le rocher Bayard" was broken in 2 (intact) parts by the Bayard horse with the 4 Aymon brothers on him to be able to cross the Meuse (river) and save their lives because they were pursued by the emperor Charlemagne. (although reality would be that Louis 14th shooted the rock with big guns to allow the troops to pass easilier ...)

Reconstitution of a "tranchée" from "world war I" wow that is disturbing... the whole building had moved due to sliding sands and the soldiers had to fight from that kind of place...

View from the Citadelle of Dinant, lets go down faster that by telepherique.

there was even something just for my age :)


we saw the museum of Science
the treisure of the Cathedrale de Liege with the golden "buste" of St Lambert showing the history of the miracle of the Saint.
La place Saint Lambert (we missed the last visit of the ruines :( the guide was sick oops )

The ruins of the abbey of Villers La Ville


And the biggest belgian bug (maybe the year 2000 bug?)

Sport day

Because we can not be all the time in perfect body condition, we went to Aqualibi and the river+ swimming pool :) everytime i go there i need 2 days to recover.... but more generally, everytime i do something when LP is there also...

On the table, the puzzle that Sarah helped to assemble
it was so easy that i could do it the eyes closed :)

Ok let go to work a bit now.... :S

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