Saturday, September 08, 2007

being sleepy while stepping in a liliputian shower

It is 2 years and 8 months that i rent the 2 nd stair room and i never really had any accident in the shower for dwarfs ... untill now.

as usual i was sleepy... but maybe a bit more than usual, so probably it must be the reason...

i stepped with my right leg inside the shower, simultaneously kicked my head on the top rail guiding the shower door (which is in the right position for me to hit it!) ... so i got a bit disoriented. My foot already inside the shower lost control and slid away, i lost equilibrium and tried to recover the situation with the other foot half in the air but it kicked the edge of the bottom of the shower. result: big bruse on the tibia and a bump on the head... i can assure you i was awaken after that...

i always said that showers are dangerous: for the fishes in the rivers and now also for my head and tibia... :S

the scene of the crime :

blood traces are not visible for a simple reason... there was none

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