Sunday, June 24, 2007

Les sources du guiers vif (24 june 07)

with Susy, Ric., Sarah, Trailz (better known as Angela or the other way around...) and the crazy driver...Max.

finally we went there! Susy and ric were talking about it for so long :)

one of the cascades:

A friend of Sarah came to visit her that week, she joined us

Susy a bit dubitative in front of the wall to climb... was a good idea to avoid this path :) see below...

the nice story: we arrived to the place by the top and realised that to go more down, it was mandatory to get the feet wet... so we were all standing there watching at the landscape when some tourists arrived in the bottow and i suddenly screamed at them : "nous on l'a fait" meaning that we were courrageous enaugh to jump over the water (which was false of course)... we laughed a lot seeing the face of these people that did not dare to jump... and they just looked at us as if we came from another planet but we had fun and they are chickens, not wet, but chickens anyway :)

finally we were caugh by the rain... one of us had a trick against it... the trash bag of trailz...

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