Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The visit of the ancestors in vizille'06

Summary of some sightseing activities we did during the holidays of may-june 2006

Main actors: little boy, moma, papy.

it was a terrible effort to do mountain climbing to reach "les cuves de Sassenage". We were amazed by the calcite minerals occuring inside the grotte. Some of the corridors inside were so narrow that we had to take a deep breath to pass without getting stuck between the walls.... it was a good idea not to eat the dessert earlier that afternoon....

(just a little bit of mom-pushing)

for a closer look:


Small trip to Chamrousse 1700m ... look at ESRF!


Visit of Sisteron and the "Citadelle"

because it would be too much easy to get there by car, we decided to make some sport to get on the top of the collin. as usual we were victorious against the elements (here: climbing the slope).

we deserved a little rest in the top of the citadelle with a 360 degrees vieuw of the surroundings.

of course dad is always triing to escape....

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